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Funds Transfer

Transferring funds to your account is easy and convenient!

With Funds Transfer, you are in control of your financial picture 24/7, anywhere in the world, day or night.

Our Funds Transfer tool enables you to easily move money between your account with us and an account at another bank, or to your account with us from a credit card. A fee may apply; please refer to our Schedule of Fees for details. (Also contact your external financial institution about any fees it may charge for transfers.)

Our Funds Transfer Tool enables you to register and verify external accounts—instantaneously through our Instant Verification process.*

There is no waiting period. Once you have registered an external bank account and it has been instantly verified, you can initiate the transfer of funds between your account with us and an external bank account. You can also instantly initiate the transfer of money into your account with us from an external credit card. Transfers can be one-time or set up to be scheduled to your needs. Once you have initiated a Funds Transfer, your funds will be available within the standard time of one to three business days.

Get started now!

For more information about this convenient tool, navigate to "Help > Funds Transfer."

To begin registering your external accounts using our Funds Transfer tool, or to schedule or edit transfers to/from accounts that have already been registered and verified, log in and navigate to "My Accounts > Funds Transfer."

* At times, Instant Verification may become unavailable. When this occurs, external account registration and verification shall follow the traditional method of verification. Traditional verification shall require your authorization of a small deposit and withdrawal transaction, through which the external account shall be verified. Once verified, registration shall be complete and transfer of funds may be initiated. This process can take up to three business days.